Street POP Collage

Strong. Brave. Authentic.

The Artist Within

The Artist Within is a series of paintings examining the modern day artist's complicated & intriguing inner selves. I'm a very curious person and often wonder what it is that drives someone to go against the grain and make their own path.  Why are they willing to share so openly with others, bravely embracing vulnerability despite fear, struggle, hurt and criticism? What drives them and what is it they so deeply wish to share with the world?

As an artist I feel a strong sense of responsibility to preserve the stories and memory of my artist friends that I feel connected to. I wish to give them a voice and opportunity to share what it means to be an artist through their eyes. Here are a few:

Each original painting is hand-cut from premium wood and ready to hang. Please contact the artist directly for any inquiries on availability / price.


Creative Selves

Most of us share well polished photos of ourselves on Instagram and Facebook.  This act could easily be looked down upon on the surface, but shouldn't we expect this behavior when we live in such a public world now? To create our own public persona is a chance to be whoever we want to be and use our imagination. I believe these photos to actually be one of many "true" versions of ourselves. If one is fully open to receiving they will find that the world is not black and white and neither are we; rather, we're made of layers and layers of beautiful shades of grey.

I very much enjoy sifting through public Instagram posts to see how everyone represents themselves, how creative they are. Using these photos as references to paint, I actively ponder the thought behind their chosen persona with curiosity. Which self do you share publicly?


Fine Art Prints on Canvas & Paper

They're simple yet complicated. Strong and vulnerable.