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Spratx Austin Artist Interview :: Kristin Freeman

By Zuzu Perkal

Freeman is one of Austin’s leading female visual artists, spreading her messages of love, female empowerment, and inspiration with the world. Currently one of our resident artists in the SprATX Ignite Program, a newly created platform to equip selected artists with the support and tools necessary to kindle art career to new levels. It’s part of our mission to help sustain and evolve alongside the Austin art scene. She’s in the midst of creating an entirely new body of work that will be displayed in early 2018 in the SprATX Gallery.

SprATX: Share with us a little about your path as a visual artist. How did it all start and how has it evolved over time?

Freeman: Hi, my name is Kristin Freeman and I’m an artist based in Austin, Texas. I’ve been creating art since a small child. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mom drawing portraits. I would take my incredibly poor drawing to her and ask “how can I make this better?” and she would give me tips. As a pre-teen I loved drawing women out of my seventeen magazines, making up characters and stories in my worn-out sketch pad. It was purely for the joy of creating that got me hooked. Although I have consistently drawn women, my style has evolved over the years, but I would define it as Pop Art-meets-Street Art.

SprATX: What can people expect in the new body of work you’re creating?

Freeman: I’m currently working on a body of work that explores and celebrates the strength and power of women, especially women of our time. I’m inspired by women who posses a unique set of characteristics, a combination that I think is rare – kind, loving, fearless, passionate, confident, resilient, not afraid to express themselves fully and stay on the path they were born to be on.

SprATX: Where do you find your inspiration? Who are some of your favorite artists?

Freeman: I pull inspiration from travel, fashion, and ultimately positive relationships. I have family in France and spent my twenties visiting Paris every year on what little money I had, soaking in art and history. I love meeting new people and prefer to get past the small talk, diving into the deepest parts of who someone is to find the real them. Some of my favorite artists are painters Amylee, Carly Ealy, Ernesto Yerena, Exist1981, Eli Halpin, Emily Ding, and Helena Martin. I’m also inspired by people in my life of different art forms, such as actors Wallis Currie-Wood, Alex Sharp, and the band Good Field.


My artist friends’ happiness and successes is a great inspiration to me, it gives me joy and pushes me to keep creating, reinforcing that this idea of living a life as an artist IS in fact possible.


SprATX: Share why you love Austin, TX and how it’s influenced your art career. What do you think makes the Austin art scene so special?

Freeman: I always wanted to live in Austin. It’s completely and utterly different than any other city in Texas and is the ONLY place that I consistently feel like I can be myself 100%. Austin is open to the “weird,” creative, and no one cares about trying to conform, in fact it’s the opposite. Creatives are celebrated here, the art scene is blowing up and the city is openly embracing it’s own local artists. This supportive community enables artists to thrive.  I also love nature and the outdoors, and Austin has so many options!

SprATX: Explain your experience in the SprATX Ignite Studio Program.

Freeman: I really love Spratx and all that they’ve done for the studio program. It’s really nice to come into my studio, which is currently next to Lucas Aoki, a good friend of mine and have a place to be creative outside of my house. The Spratx team is super encouraging, open to new ideas, and is always ready to help out when needed. I’m very thankful for the opportunity and support!

SprATX: If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

Freeman: Live your dream! Don’t give up.






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