Exploring sound, emotion, and the elements of nature.

Song credit: Thanks to the amazing Bat For Lashes for creating this lovely song, Daniel.

Mural at Lamar Union, Lick Ice Creams

This piece is an homage to the many amazing artists painting the city of Austin in an attempt to keep what is truly Austin alive. Mural by Kristin Freeman XO, Video footage: Miles Starkey; Video Edit by Kristin Freeman

The Artist Within, Spratx Ignite Studio

Feeling so much love and gratitude! Thank you to my artist friends who allowed my to paint them and thank you to everyone who attended my show, The Artist Within. Your support was overwhelming :)  Also a big thanks to Spratx for the opportunity to have a show with them and to Maurice Barrett for the awesome video documentation.

Tango mural at Buenos Aires Cafe in Austin Texas

Video footage: Miles Starkey; Edit: Kristin Freeman XO.


A Clockwork Orange with Alex Sharp, Wallis Currie-Wood and Brittany Vicars, Juilliard School

I painted this piece for the set of A Clockwork Orange at the Juilliard School in NYC as a collaboration with Actor / Director Alexander Ian Sharp & Wallis Currie-Wood