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The human face is so intriguing because it holds so much information beyond its obvious form and function.  Subtle movements give away true feelings. But what if the only image we have of a subject is one that has been captured in a snap shot, just an instance frozen in time? How do we truly know them? I think about how thoughts can be hidden behind a smile or a stoic face. Each viewer has their own perception of who the subject is but who are they really? What is their life really like?

My work is an exploration of the multiple selves we all possess in an attempt to find one’s most authentic self. To do so I must discover the story within. Yes, it’s a painted portrait, but it’s more than just an instance. Do you see them? Really see them? I challenge the viewer to look a little closer.

After a year and a half of travel on the open road and deep reflection, I now set off to paint the many amazing people in my life who have inspired and intrigued me.

Do you see them?
Really see them?


Open to life's possibilites. Searching for new ideas and understanding.